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The Sustainable Development Goals

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

kristina fredborg
8. februar 2019



What is your idea about and what needs/problems will it solve?

We want to spread the knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), because we think that people must know about the SDG to achieve the goals by 2030.

Take us for example, we didn’t know anything about the SDGs before we had to work with them on this challenge.

The idea is that we want to create attention towards the 17 SDGs by the method nudging. We think that we will use stickers with quotes concerning the SDGs. We want to place the stickers

  • Near the water container
  • Toilet doors
  • At the tables in the canteen areas
  • Study areas
  • Power outlets
  • Smoking areas
  • Updating on Instagram and Facebook


To whom can your idea be useful/who will benefit from your idea and why?

First of all the students and the staff here at VIA Viborg. In the long term the dream and hope are that everybody in the world knows about the SDGs.


Where will your idea/solution be useful?

It will be useful at VIA Viborg, and hopefully people will use the knowledge at home and changes their habits.

How will your idea solve the challenge?

Its easier to reach the SDGs by 2030 if as many people as possible knows the goals.



The idea is to inform students and staff at Via University College in Viborg about the 17 Sustainable Developments Goals, that must be achieved by 2030.

In our group we didn’t know about the goals before the DTE weeks. And we did not know that the goals were a part of VIA’s visions.

Our first goal is to catch the attention from the students at VIA in Viborg by using the method “Nudging”. Trough nudging, we want to change people’s behavior in a direction that is the best for the individual. We do this by giving the students and staff at VIA facts about bad habits in the everyday life, to create the necessary attention about the SDG to be able to reach the goals in 2030. The knowledge can be used on a personal level, as well as professional.                                                                                                                              We want to hang a banner on the school façade that points out that the school is working with the SDGs. We also want to make stickers and posters to hang at places were students and staff spent their time, for example next to the water container, at the tables in the canteen areas and on the toilet doors.

First, our idea can be used here at VIA Viborg, because it is an advantage that people know about the goals and their existences. Otherwise they can relate to them. By informing the students about the SDGs it will give the students the opportunities to use them in their education. In that way the students are given a chance to do some reflection in their everyday life, about their own habits and what they could do to change for the better.
It could also be in different departments at different institutions, were they looked at their habits and reflected on our concept and what they could do to change in relation to the SDGs.