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Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2019

27. juni 2019

With the help of DIAP, companies can make the facts visible about their production. They can measure exactly how large their resource consumption is, how the temperature and humidity is in the production, and a large amount of other information. Ultimately, DIAP can measure and visualize any data that can be collected via sensors or PLCs.

In connection with the achievement of the world goals, DIAP is interesting because we will be able to help companies show exactly how far each company is in relation to their own goals, but also to a great extent in relation to the UN's world goals. This could, for example, be in connection with objective 8.4. and 9.4, both of which deal with efficient use of resources. The companies just need to install a DIAP in their production and connect it to the sensors or PLCs that can provide the relevant data. The measurements can then be visualized in the DIAP software, which you can access through a web browser from your PC, phone or tablet.

The DIAP platform speaks to all types of equipment and protocols. DIAP is also helping to break down the silos in the industry. With DIAP, we have developed a solution that works across industries, protocols and equipment. This is well in-line with the UN's world goal, which focuses on increasing the cross-cutting cooperation in order to solve the world's challenges.


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