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TaxFX KYC Sentinels

Denne idé er en del af Nordic Data Sandbox Challenge: bogføringsdata

6. oktober 2019

TaxFX KYC Sentinels - The ISO27001 compliant choice


Most SME’s in Denmark are using Visma e-conomic, but competing product like Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Deniro and legacy accounting systems like Admiral and C5 are still used.

We provide first version of our secure development model for invoice management in collaboration with OrangeBook.co

The goal is to integrate with all major ERP vendors. 


Invoices in Denmark are for the most time paid in due diligence.

Invoice management is no simple feat.

Paying invoices can seem simple, but it is not safe to simply pay an invoice.

Scams and phishing has evolved.


Pains and Gains

We believe that SMEs will have an interest in using our tools for several purposes.

  1. Help in understanding if an invoice in authentic.
  2. Better understand validity of foreign trading partners.
  3. To guide their employees in reporting the correct milage.
  4. Guide on reporting tax on returns from crypto trade.
  5. Security by design, Security by default.



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