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Trashßinator Stonks>18

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

2. februar 2021

Pitch video: https://youtu.be/6rGioyDgOLQ

An appealing trash bin that lights at night, making it easier to spot. The trash bin would have 3 compartments meant for recycling - paper, plastic and other waste. It would include a monitor that would display the direction to the nearest available trash bin, in case one of the compartments is full. All the trash bins would be connected in a web, so each trash bin ‘knows’ about the location of the other and either they are full or not. The sensor on the trash bin would open the lid when there is a movement close to it (when there is a person in front of it or putting the hand close to the sensor). The lid would seal when the trash bin is closed, so it blocks the smell and couldn’t be opened or accessed by wild animals and birds. The trash bin is also equipped with a cigarette ashtray. The trash bin is bigger than regular trash cans, therefore it would overflow much slower.


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