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Unumed – Empowering clinics and hospitals through digital health

Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2018

7. august 2018


Unumed offers innovative digital health solutions designed specifically for the needs in low- and middle-income countries. In these markets, three billion people are treated in hospitals or clinics that do not operate at their full potential. One major bottleneck is management of information. Facilities can roughly choose between 1) paper and spreadsheets 2) inefficient and unserviced legacy systems or 3) expensive Western systems that do not meet local needs. To change this situation we have developed Unucare - a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), which enables

  • patients to access their medical records  
  • doctors to manage treatment  
  • pharmacists to ensure medicine is in stock
  • management to prioritize limited resources
  • public officials to monitor disease outbreaks

and much more. 

Unucare combines user-friendly software, low-cost hardware, and support paid through a subscription (Software as a Service), which makes the solution scalable and affordable. It also eliminates typical challenges related to maintenance and service.



Our goal is not to help hospitals catch up with Western solutions – but to leapfrog beyond generations of inefficient technology to modern digital health. This includes integrating intelligent features in our system. Many clinics and hospitals are strained for resources – this is especially the case when it comes to specialists. Herlev Hospital, for example, has more radiologists than Uganda – despite a population of 43 million people. As a consequence diagnoses are often made by non-specialists that do not have the competencies needed to reliably interpret an x-ray. To support doctors Unumed is, among other things, developing AI-driven decision-making tools that can help doctors interpret medical images.



Unumed shares the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals. We want to enable “good health and well-being for all.” Goal 3, 9, and 17 especially link with our DNA.

  • 3 Health: We believe everyone should have access to well-functioning healthcare. Our solutions are affordable, robust and user-friendly.
  • 9 Infrastructure: It is not enough to patch problems. Unucare helps build healthcare infrastructure.
  • 17 Partnerships: No one can do it alone. Unumed partners along the value chain to provide a holistic solution. Digital health will for example only work if power and connectivity are available – and staff is incentivised and trained.  

Unumed believes technology is a powerful tool, but never a means in itself. Driving impact means continuously asking ourselves when and how digital health can make a positive difference. Among other things Unumed is developing a baseline methodology to monitor progress and has a strong focus on all the stuff beyond technology that enables adoption and impact.