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Urbanize local

Denne idé er en del af UrbanTech Challenge

15. november 2018

Gentæk Byen:

Urbanize Local:

What business models can be created if plan data is fully digitized?


Nowadays it is difficult to encourage local/small/private investors to the building industry projects requiring up-front research, hiring the professionals and time-consuming collection of documentation.
That adds to the investment risk and often discourages the investors.

The strong financially big ventures do not know the local needs, the data about the desired services by the local communities is not available. Moreover, the investors often have in scope primarily financial profits.  

Urbanized municipality by the local investors: 

What if it was easy and cheap for the small investors, to determine the investment opportunities in their local areas: on the land/buildings, what if they could easily find out what are the local needs?

What if they could find all these information without high-upfront costs?
The process of providing data was simplified also for the municipalities and building industry professionals? They could use more time in planning, showing the opportunities instead of collecting data. 

What if this easy availability of the information would lead to the new local investments tapping exactly into the society local municipalities needs. 
The local building communities would invest in enlarging the living space, improving building infrastructure, enlarging green areas and all of that would eventually contribute to the sustainable city development. 
- the small investors could join forces together and finance local building projects, 
- the initiators of the project could easily attract the investors showing transparent data, 

The Solution:

The solution would be an integrated platform:
 - enabling easy data research of concrete plots: including existing plot/building information, 
- indicating future building opportunities ( generated from local plans, communal plans, building regulations etc. )  the customer can easily check what is allowed to build, 
- including the information about the local municipality needs, development plants, lacking services etc. 
- information about the most suitable and desired by residents functions

F.ex. If  a private owner would like to build an extension to my house to rent it out and at the same time provide more residential space - I could easily and fast find the information about what I am allowed to build, what is the demand of the real estate, what size of the apartments people are looking for in the area. I could all with a few clicks.