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Waste Drone Management G28

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

Jannik Schwarz-Wolf
8. februar 2021

Prototype document:


Written description: 

A system that utilizes drones for emptying garbage bins and collecting data to be used for improving the bin placement. The system contains smart bins powered by the solar panels, which are responsible for sending information to the drones about their status, as well as drones that will react to that signal and will pick up and transport trash from bin to the selected location. Trash will be transported in special safety bags and the transportation way will be designed by the drone for managing some unpredictable situations.

During the waiting for signal status, drones will monitor the areas and will pick up trash from the ground if it is possible. Information about monitoring areas will be stored and the result will inform the cleaning service about the areas where new rubbish bins are required.

To cope with the noises created by the drone, the time period of trash collection is optimized such that it collects the trash when less people are present in the area. And as a given the drone operation time will not be around the evening or night. On top of that, to minimize the damage from a faulty or drop of bag, the route from the trash bin to the drop location is done via non populated areas, roofs and full avoidance of flying directly over street or open areas. 

We know that the solution is complex. As it consists of several parts, each of them can be developed at a different pace as desired. The solution is presented as a long-term plan, the individual parts of which can be implemented along with the development of the currently used technology.


Products & Services :

  • Drones :

    • can pick trash from the bin and fly to dispose of trash to designated location 
    • Drone should scan the transportation way (if there are no people and cars) to avoid some unpredictable situations.
    • while the bins are not full can serve as picking litter from the ground using cameras to monitor the area.
    • It will be able to see if the area for picking is dangerous (e.g. a lot of people, cars , stones) and will react to that information.
    • The monitor mechanism will collect data about in which places trashes on the ground are more often noticeable, to inform the cleaning company that bins are required there.
    • The data collected from the amount of bins needed to be emptied inform where more bins are also needed. 
    • Design that can withstand winds, carry weights up to 20kg and is as quiet as possible
    • If any problems occur, such as weight limit reached, the collection company is contacted and an employee is sent for pickup by hand. 


  • Bins:

    • Bins will have special, safety bags in which trash will be transported. These bags will be stored in a container in the bin and would work similar to a tissue box (when the bag is pulled out a new one pops up in the bin). The bag container can be replaced by the drone.
    • Solar powered trash bins with sensors that inform drones if it is full and needed to be empty and also inform about the weight of trash or if the bag is damaged, so that the drone will know it is possible to pick it.
    • The bags insides are created with proteus, a non cuttable aluminum structure. The bag itself is reusable as the content is dropped by turning the bag inside out thereafter the bag is washed and put into a container. 
    • A weight inside the bin tracks the current weight of the trash bag, such to inform the drone of its pickup.


Gain Creators:

  • Overflowing bins are emptied efficiently
  • Fully automated management system
  • Intriguing managements system that makes it more interesting for citizens to throw trash into the bin 
  • Self sufficient
  • Safe pickup proces.    


Pain Relievers:

  • Less waist in the city 
  • Better management system 
  • Fully automated management system requiring less effort


Short presentation: