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Waste Management In Public Spaces (GROUP 16)

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

2. februar 2021

Aarhus Smart Bin 🚯​🚮​🗑️​


The idea we are proposing is a smart bin which is reducing already existing issues such as bad smell or overfilling. We suggest an automatic opening/closing through voice command which would mean avoiding the physical contact with the trash bin. Furthermore, since it will be automatically closed, the smell will be minimized.

Another feature that is present in our smart bin, is having a smart scanner which will scan the product and show the appropriate trash bin to which it belongs to. This way, the separating will be improved, littering around the trash will be reduced and we will be contributing to recycling.


Height sensors mechanism


We have a height sensor which measures distance from current trash level to the top of the trash bin. We also know measurements of trash bins, so with that knowledge it would be an easy way to track how much our trash bin is full. For example If an empty trash bin is 10 m height and our sensor is now shown as 8m (distance from top of trash bin to trash level) we know that trash bin is full at 20%.


Key features

✅Automatic closing to prevent from bad smell

✅Button (or other sensor) for manual opening

✅Scanner for products to tell you which bin to put it to

✅Sensors preventing/ predicting the overfilling


Voice commands

🎤Open or Close

🎤Request for cleaning

🎤Request for emptying


Voice responses

🔊Thank you, when you put trash in

🔊Number of custom replies such as compliments and jokes

🔊Once in a time when lucky a discount coupon can be won


Link to presentation:




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