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Win the World

Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2019

Claus Ohrt Nielsen
Claus Ohrt Nielsen
7. juni 2019

Win the World is a multiplayer digital game that will start you off in one of this amazing world's hundreds of countries. Expanding from there, it's a race against time and other players to be the first to Win the World. Winning by collecting country cards through a combination of knowledge and strategy.

The game has significant general audience potential, but the ones we really hope to win are students aged 10-18. Kids who, despite living in a globalized world, don't have the same level of basic knowledge about countries, languages and landmarks as the previous generations.

Win the World will be like nothing else you've tried before. Uniquely, the game is updated continuously from real-world sources to keep it fresh and relevant. This is crucial to be a credible and useful tool in academia.

​Without spoiling too much, we can tell you it will put your knowledge, risk-willingness and strategy skills to the test. And a few surprises along the way will make sure even the best of plans will need to be reconsidered.



Our lives are increasingly global. Humans fear what they don’t understand, and walls, isolation, blame don’t do much to prevent this fear from fueling conflicts. We would like to offer an alternative.

We provide a gamified platform to make geography fun, to understand the world better, and in turn: build a better tomorrow.

Unlike other games, Win the World is not about military conquest, but about collecting and earning, by peaceful understanding.



Win the World speaks into the SDGs:

  • #4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all: Win the World brings high quality standards and updated information to students all over the world, instantly. It is designed to grow with the world.
  • #10: Reduce inequality within and among countries: We see the lack of access to good affordable education as one of the biggest threats to social equality. This is obvious for developing countries but also an issue in some of the world's richest, yet most inequal societies.
  • #16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development [...]: Win the World is the alternative to conflicts, horror and aggression - we promote understanding, appreciation for diversity and peaceful coexistence