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Wood reuse

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Nils-Ole Zib
Nils-Ole Zib
8. oktober 2018

Save one of our biggest waste fractions – wood - from a destiny as energy resource.

Windows, doors and floors as well as wooden furniture can easily be recycled as useful new items. At the same time, it provides us, the consumers, the actors in real life with a straight forward experience of 1:1 recycling.

A lot of respect for the ideas - and practical performance – of recycling in industrial scale. It definitely ‘moves’ a lot of material round in the reduce, reuse and repurpose cycles. However, we need to rethink, we need to learn in a very tangible way what recycling means. This is where ‘The Recycling Box’ comes in.

Imagine the box in the parking lot in front of the lumberyard, in front of the furniture warehouse or at the local recycling station. You bring your old door or rocking chair that is beyond repair. You process it in the box, get a cup of coffee and turn it directly into a new item - now with traces of the former ‘life’.

I am looking forward to work with people with a knowledge on plastic and glue. For the time being formaldehyde-free glue is used for the prototypes. However, using recycled plastic would be a natural next step in the development.