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Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

7. oktober 2018

A wild challenge

The question “how to create a zero-waste society?” is a wild challenge. To develop a wild solution for the built environment, matching this huge and multiple challenge, a radical innovation process is needed. Thus, we apply to conduct a radically open design project. A project that requires high level courage, curiosity and a solid determination to dare cooperate, experiment and prototype into a yet unknown field, with no set idea about the final solution in mind.  


Our aim is radical innovation

Our aim is to develop a solution that turns waste into a resource in the built environment, in a radical new and effective way … a way, that we cannot and will not imagine by now. Because that’s what radical innovation is all about. Our standing point is clear. We believe in what Andre Gidé, winner of The Nobel Prize, once said “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”


In-depth knowledge and succesful hands-on experience 

Futu has worked intensively with waste sorting, waste management and circular economy in Denmark for several years. We have achieved documented successful results nationwide using design, co-creation and innovation methods. We have developed the first shared national system for waste sorting / circular economy in Denmark, against all odds. Within the first 18 months, 57 municipalities embraced the solution designed by us. That is; more than half of the Danish municipalities throwed their own local solution away to buy into a volunteer solution, designed to empower circular economy from citizen to state level. The solution covers shared icons and guidelines for waste fractions and management at millions of households and hundreds of recycle stations. Recently, we have co-created with 80 waste experts coming from all regions of Denmark to develop a shared set of great ideas and key points feeding into the new national strategy for circular economy.


Great network and experts in designdriven innovation

Futu have a widespread network in the Danish waste field and know how to drive innovation and development of a new shared solution in a field of experts, hardworking men on the floor, industry business logics, very different municipalities, politics and an exponential developing technology. We are a small team of architects, designers and change managers, doing innovation across industries and geographies, including the built environment, where we develop innovative, sustainable and ambitious building concepts designed to improve the life of real people. We design solutions that are 1) empowered by potentials we find by scanning future trends worldwide and 2) developed in close co-creation with people of all kinds, and a deep understanding of present daily life and cultural behavior. 


Faster horses

Understanding our approach and believe, the words of Henry Ford describe it well: “If I have asked people what they wanted, the world has said faster horses”. With the CCC-program we will design a detailed radical innovation process with an international touch, and get teamed up with a group of yet unknown great minds, let them be builders, tech experts, municipalities, researchers, waste managers, construction companies or someone from a completely different industry, who are willing to enter an ambitious and highly professional radical innovation project with a clear aim: To develop a radical new solution that feeds circular economy in the built environment, a solution that can be scaled and create value for our planet and society and that sharply match a target group that we will identify clearly during the radical innovation project.

We dare. Do you?