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Safely - On demand and dynamically changing

Denne idé er en del af Fintech Open Data Challenge

9. oktober 2017

"Imagine an insurance that changes with you, detects your profile and lifestyle preferences, adjusts itself accordingly.

Imagine an insurance that does not charge for risk not sought covered - An insurance that knows you.

Now what if that insurance was available at your fingertips, only requiring your facebook/google/linkedIn-Social media authentication?

This is Safeli. An insurance that revolves around you and your insurance needs, changing according to your changes in lifestyle and risk profile.

Using state of the art machine learning and data integration methods, we enable a cutthroat dynamic pricing strategy to follow you in your insurance needs.

The business model revolves around providing Customers-as-a-Service for incumbent insurance companies. Essentially allowing for the underwriting of better risk in return for a profitsharing-fee model."