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Collaborative platform to develop and support bike libraries and workshop spaces

Denne idé er en del af Region Sjælland Deler

20. april 2017

"We are creating a bicycle association with existing bike libraries and social bicycle workshops. A support and facilitation framework for these bike spaces, partnering with specialist bike suppliers, municipalities, and relevant organisations, to also provide a platform that makes it easier to set up new bike spaces with long term guidance. We will make a centralised website with a booking system, as well as a sharing system for bike spaces to collaborate and receive resources.

The social bike workshops will provide tools, spare parts and support for people to learn how to maintain, repair, modify and build their own bicycles. We will also have access to recycle centres, two of which we already have agreements with, who will provide old bikes, spare parts and other useful material. These social bike repair workshops will also create other possibilities, new repair skills and social environments for shared networking and sustainable share economy activities based on reuse and repair of unwanted material.

The bike libraries will use and promote specialist high quality bikes that provide a holistic viable alternative to car travel. This is based on sharing for shared opportunities, and we have already started to form agreements with specialist suppliers (of cargo bikes, electric bikes, children carriers, bike trailers etc) who will provide free demo bikes to the bike libraries, giving residents the chance to test and loan out these different bikes over a long period of time with the possibility to buy the same bikes from the suppliers.

Bike spaces will be predominantly run by members through involvement. This share economy foundation will also consist of innovative software - to facilitate bike spaces becoming more active and open but also collaborative, for example, between bike libraries and social bike workshops - it will be based on a system of credits that can be converted into tools, spare parts, bikes and other material resources for the bike spaces, administered by the association.

We have been in close dialogue with 10 existing, but underused and underdeveloped, bicycle libraries and social bike workshops in Copenhagen and Sjælland who fully back the project. This has also already resulted in some of us starting to collaborate - we have begun to work together to share information, skills, resources and planning of the formal support framework for our shared economy model. There are also organisations and municipalities we have been talking with who would like to partner with us to provide unused rent-free property that will open up new bike spaces which will generate activity and value for themselves and the surrounding area.

It is our aim for the project to be trialled and operational in Sjælland before expanding it out on a national level. There are plans for the open source website and model to be shared beyond Denmark.

Development and support for social bike spaces, through the association, will create many different shared economy opportunities. Citizens will fully experience the alternative potential of bicycles through this sharing system which will also save them money, create new skills, opportunities and social interactions. We will also promote and create shared value for underrepresented and underused small specialist bike suppliers and wholesale suppliers of high quality bike tools and spare parts. There is also a social and environmental impact, to this project, through the prioritization of sharing to create an economy of active participation and value in various forms of sustainable activity .

We are now clearly in the early stages of implementing our project, and in the process of looking for funding to set up the association, website and administrative facilitation necessary to fully start."