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Denne idé er en del af The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

20. juni 2017

"unob2b.com is a website who wants the companys to be found no matter if they are having a website or not. We wish to solve that problem where you as a company can lookup for any direct contact person in any country to negotiate with for your business. We also want to solv another problem and that is to make it so much easyer to find the Exhibition or Conference that everyone wish to attend to so must. By Creating one of this two - Exhibition or Conference- the user can easyly lookup what matters to them.

Siden unob2b.com har til formål at samle, samt at gøre det lettere at finde nye forretningspartner i et hvilket som helst land i verden, på den måde vil det blive mere fair for, små - mellem og store virksomheder at finde hinanden. Dansk idé."