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Hyper-flexible artificial intelligence

Denne idé er en del af The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

30. juli 2017

"90% of all manufacturing companies in Nordic countries have less than 20 employees and very few have more than 250 [1]. This poses unique problems in how to roll out automation and digitisation solutions in nordic countries. These companies do not have in-house ITC specialists and they have difficulties financing customised IT, automation, or big data solutions. They rely on batch manufacturing and have rapid product changes which makes automation difficult. Due to recent advances in flexible robotic solutions (think solutions like Universal Robots) they are increasingly able to automate parts of the manufacturing process. They however still have poor understanding of their overall processes as equipment is poorly connected and many processes are supervised manually. What if such processes could automatically be supervised through artificial intelligence AI) that understands multiple machine protocols and is able to link up with multiple sensors that can measure performance and quality of produced goods at a level that is equal or higher than a human operator? Such AI technology would be cheap to install and maintain as it would not need programming of code and could be configured by blue collar workers (thereby allowing small SME's to purchase and use such technology). It would be able to identify defects in produced goods, propose ways of optimizing machines and work flows, and interface to machinery for increased automation.

Such technology is not as far off into the future as it may seem. In our company (VRinno ApS) we are starting to roll out such technology to SME's in the Nordics. We see large potential for a whole range of manufacturing companies including food, biotech, and machinery industry. The ability of AI systems to learn make them a flexible technology for the future of nordic manufacturing across industries.

[1] Digitalisation and automation in the Nordic manufacturing sector, Nordisk Ministerråd, Isbn 13: 9789289344081"