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Production optimization framework for digital and manual processes

Denne idé er en del af The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

31. juli 2017

"We are a startup and we develop a system that helps you to interfere in real time to better achieve your production targets in a simply and smart way and provides advanced visual management on the production floor which improves prioritization and issues handling.

Beyond monitoring, the system provides unique capabilities for escalating anomalies (through email, sms and push notifications) and automatic data gathering, in addition it provides raw data to ERP systems. The system does not only track the processes, but do also monitor the actions that have been taken and by whom, simply by annotating data.

The company is currently operating in the Life Sciences (Medtech and Pharmaceutical) industries, Military Equipments and Automotive industry.

The system enables the adoption of Industry 4.0 standards.

In general, it can track productivity, defects, downtimes, production orders, materials handling and much more. The production planning part is fully integrated with the data acquisition and we will be soon ready with a complete Digital twin.

More information can be found on www.octavic.dk.

We have initiated the discussions with several consultancy companies to offer a Product service system together to the manufacturing companies.

We work also in close collaboration with the Research center for IoT at DTU and we have been selected to participate to Green Tech Challenge in September this year."