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“The Nordic SME Growth Movement”

Denne idé er en del af The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

25. juli 2017

"Think big. Start Small. Grow fast.
Establishing “The Nordic SME Growth Movement”

Through a stepwise (2017-2020) establishing of an extended user friendly E-learning universe targeted solely at the Nordic SME-segment we will through public-private co-operation form “The Nordic Growth Movement”.

The Universe will contain the issues that public consultants are likely to face when advising Nordic (manufacturing) companies on how to face the challenges of the future, in terms of knowledge areas, tools, processes and resources as described below. Thus the universe will contain the curriculum for the public consultants, but also publicly accessible for companies to us themselves. Training will address the content and use enabling the public consultants to integrate the universe e.g. in their dealing with companies.

In a Lean-start-up, agile and experiential way (we are in “Væksthusene” familiar with the theory around these processes) we have enclosed a short ppt. presentation describing our vision, the idea, steps, potential partners, and some of our present experiences within specific content and format. (E-learning, video production, self-assessment, tools, theory, primary SME growth barriers e.g.)

The ”Nordic Growth Movement” is a universe primarily established and constantly developed on-line. But with potential to go off-line (events, seminars, one-to-one consulting e.g.) The primary reasons for going on-line is “the reach” and the speed of which we can reach the SME segment; the possibility to withdraw new topics and always ensure that the content is “ahead” and relevant. Besides we know that the learning styles of our target group is very VISUAL and KINETIC (give them a tool/Learning by doing). Learning styles that can be respected through our E-learning. Besides the learnings will be available when the target group needs it – 24/7. Not when it suits us as consultants.

The purpose of the movement is to qualify and constantly enlarge the business competences in the Nordic SME segment. This also includes private and public consultants and other organizations relevant to the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (Universities, GTS’, associations, confederation of DK, NO, SE, SF industries e.g.)

The stepwise way to establish “The movement” means that we in second half of 2017 will focus on the target group mentioned in the Challenge: Public consultants. But this target group is simply not enough! We must cover the whole SME-universe as mentioned above to ensure the reach and speed needed.

The primary growth barriers within the Nordic SMEs are the topics that we will focus on in the period 2017-2020:
• Industry 4.0
• Innovation
• Internationalization
• Capital
• Leadership
• (Business models)
• (Generation shift)

Each of these topics will be covered in “The Growth Movement” IN A VERY USER FRIENDLY and IDENTICAL structure as briefly described in the ppt. enclosed.
Partners and Financing
Financing “the Movement” will primarily be a public matter (Nordisk Ministerråd, Agencies, EU), but with potential private sponsorships and “jobs being done” by private companies and universities. One of the major costs will be video production where we see following potential producers (based on our present knowledge of the Danish structure) of the content produced by us:
• The Nordic public broadcasters (request has been forwarded to DR)
• University/school of media and journalism (Dk), which embraces: journalism,
film making, visual communication e.g.
• Jyske Bank TV (request has been forwarded)
• Private production companies

Much of the content will come from the present public system including foreign ministry/innovation centers, universities (Scandinavian and International), GTS’er , materials from the SMEs themselves and stuff being (bought)/provided from the private sector such as PWc (see some of their free 4.0 materials: https://www.pwc.dk/da/industrier/produktion/industri-4-0-mulighed-eller…) Deloitte, AT Kearny, company presentations from seminars, specific materials made for “the Movement” e.g. The content produced and supplied by 3 parties/private sectors will be labelled “commercial materials”. Licensing many different content makers to up-load relevant content is the only way we can ensure the most relevant content keeping up with the speed of new software, products and knowledge. Of course all materials – apart from blogging/twitting – has to be approved by us in some way.

In your challenge, you specifically ask for references and experience. All that we will get from our self, our present partners and channels, and partners sitting in a dynamic form of “steering committee”. To mention some of our experiences based on Væksthusene in Denmark):

• Growth Company and “The Growth Wheel”
• Our Innovation test and all the E-learning materials we have made within the
of innovation for www.startvaekst
• The AT Kearny “Improve academy”
• Our efforts to establish “VÆKSTBEVÆGELSEN” solely in DK back in 2010/11
• The assessment “Innovation Health Check” from Scottish Enterprise
• Part of the EU program EIMC (Enhancing Innovation Management Competences)
• Our work as part og EEN Europe
• The SME portal (EU)
• Our present work around Industry 4.0, Vækstløft og -Check, Erhvervspartnerskabet
• Cooperation with ”Industriens Fond”
• Comprehensive work within OPP
• Cooperation with Foreign Ministry and the Danish Innovation Centers
• TED talks
• Our cooperation with the Danish GTS system
• Our work to establishment www.vækstguiden.dk
• Our experience of “How NOT to do” with www.rådgiverbørsen.dk
• Our daily close contacts to the segment

We have not yet sat up a cost budget for ”The movement”. But it will be cost full! But the costs must be seen in combination with the outcome.
We are sure, that the ROI/Benefits pr. Costs will be high compared to other ways of improving business competences in Nordic SMEs. Besides - and to reduce risks - the establishing of “The Nordic SME Growth Movement” will be done in phases starting up with industry 4.0 content for public consultants. (the challenge)

Erhvervs- og Vækststyrelsen evaluate this proposal. If positive we need to have a meeting on ”how to proceed” by end of August 2017
For further information and comments please contact
Growth consultants:
Steen Lohse, tlf.: 30108116, mail: [email protected]
Kaare Trudsø, tlf.: 30108110, mail: [email protected]"