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Innovation through challenges

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Latest news

Before long, we will kick-off yet another challenge. This time we will be looking for ideas and solutions within UrbanTech. Keep a look out here on, where we will be publishing the full challenge-brief.


The jury has announced BLUETOWN and Kaffe Bueno as winners of this year’s 360 Grader Prisen. The winners were awarded with the prize, 15.000,- DKK, and a membership with Green Network or a certification as Sustainable Business Partner. Congratulations!


Recycling of waste is a key driver of making the construction sector greener and more sustainable. Today, Realdania launches a challenge with a focus on just that – right here on Simultaneously, Realdania enters into the strategic partnership behind

Active ideas

We are upcycling plastic, to everyday products and in time building materials, trying to develop a recycled-plastic-tile, to be used in bathrooms.

Unlocking coffee's health potential. We recycle Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) to extract high value compounds and produce ingredients for the cosmetics, functional foods and nutraceuticals markets.