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Terms and Conditions

1. General terms of participation

1.1. Rules for
All material must be sent digitally via It is solely the responsibility of the participants that the submitted material is readable for the given challenge provider. Digital files can be submitted in PDF format or in MS Word or Excel format.

1.2. Participation is open to all interested individuals, companies and public and private actors who want to compete to develop the best solutions to solve the outlined challenge. Participation does not require that you have a company registration number, but it may be needed later in the process if one's idea is taken on.

1.3. Employees from the Danish Business Authority's challenges team, employees of the individual challenge provider, and members of any jury, and their immediate family are, however, excluded from participation. This does not apply in cases of clear functional and geographic distinction between the challenge provider and challenge participant, and where there is no reason for questioning a participant's impartiality in relation to the challenge provider. Upon request from the Danish Business Authority, any participant must elaborate on the relation to a challenge provider to ensure an adequate assessment. Any further requirements are stated in "2. Requirements for the participants".

1.4. It is possible to participate as a consortium or partnership (group) comprising more responsible participants. The person who submits the idea via is the contact person.

1.5. When submitting a solution to the platform, please provide the telephone number of the contact person.

1.6. The Danish Business Authority reserves the right to disqualify any participant / group who, in the opinion of the Danish Business Authority, does not meet the requirements for participation or whose idea differs significantly from the requested. Participants are kindly requested to send us a written notice if they wish to withdraw from the competition after proceeding from the first round.

1.7. Participants themselves hold all costs of participating in challenges.

1.8. The Danish Business Authority and challenge providers reserve the right to change the form or content of a challenge including the terms and conditions, deadlines, etc. All participants will be informed of significant changes, if possible, within a reasonable time. Continued participation is considered as acceptance of the changed terms.

1.9. The Danish Business Authority and challenge providers reserves the right to postpone or cancel a challenge at any time. Participants will not receive compensation if the challenge is canceled.

2. Requirements for the participants

2.1. Participants in the competition representing a company or organization are required to ensure that, as a representative of the company / organization members:

a) Meet the requirements for participation in challenges and comply with the conditions for participation in challenges.
b) Ensure that all information submitted during the term of the challenge is accurate.
c) Provides additional information that challenge providers and any partners may ask for in order to judge the participating contributions, presentations, and other related to participation in the competition.
d) Ensures that the necessary licenses, intellectual property rights, permits etc. for your solution are available to participate in the competition, and in order to market a winning solution subsequently.
e) Comply with applicable laws, rules and, if applicable ethical codes in connection with participation in the competition.

3. Confidentiality and other terms

3.1. registers and processes contact information on participants in the competition.

3.2. Information regarding participants and ideas will be processed by our managers and shared with judges in a potential jury, which will be subject to confidentiality.

Participants are advised that, as the Danish Business Authority is a public authority, material received by the Danish Business Agency and the challenge providers will be subject to rules on "access to documents". However, competitive information of significant economic importance for an enterprise, as a rule, could be exempted from access to the file on the basis of a concrete assessment.

3.3. As a participant in, you authorize us to use and publish (for the purpose of marketing the competition, including on the Internet); Your names, a brief summary of the idea that you / you participate with, any pictures, movie clips, blogs or sound recordings of your participation in the competition without further permission from you. Such images, movie clips and audio clips made by us remain our property and may be used without further permission.

3.4. As a participant in, you are authorized to contact you via email in relation to relevant challenges or news on You can unsubscribe these updates at any time via the sent emails.

3.5. Participants in the contest may not use the competition, logo or other intellectual property rights of or challenge providers to promote their own products without prior written permission.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. Except for the rights mentioned in point 3.3. And point 4.2. The participants in the competition maintain all intellectual rights to the idea or concept, including the material, data, know-how and information prepared by the participants while participating in the competition. None of these rights are transferred to or challenge providers. Participants themselves have the responsibility to apply for any patents, trademark protection or other intellectual property rights, and maintain and defend them.

4.2. Ideas and comments shared by the participants in connection with a challenge can be used by the challenge provider. i.e. in relation to announcing the winner(s) and subsequent marketing, in agreement with the participant.

5. Disclaimer and jurisdiction

5.1. The Danish Business Authority shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by participants in connection with the participation, including but not limited to loss and / or damage resulting from the cancellation of a challenge, breach of confidentiality, unless this has occurred as a result of errors from our side, damage to material submitted in connection with participation in the competition, i.e. 5.2.  Likewise, the Danish Business Authority waives any possible liability for discrepancies between parties, intellectual property rights, etc.

5.2. Submission of prototypes and physical material to is at your own risk and at your own risk. Of course, we do our utmost to ensure that such materials are treated safely and returned securely, but can not guarantee this.

5.3. These terms and conditions must be interpreted in accordance with Danish law. Disputes with and challenge providers as a result of participation in the competition are solved in the minds of the parties. If this can not be done, the case will be settled at the Copenhagen City Court,.

5.4. The Danish Business Authority disclaims all possible liability for errors, omissions and inadequate updates that may be in information on, including in text, in forms, in guides and tools, etc. Nor can we assume responsibility for the content of websites referred to or linked.

5.5. The Danish Business Authority does not assume responsibility for any misuse of information on Responsibility for the content of material that it is stated that it has been prepared by others is solely on the part of the party indicated.