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360 Challenge 2019


Are you an entrepreneur, do you work for an innovative company, or do you simply have a great idea that can promote a sustainable social development in or outside Denmark?

We want to hear from you! Send us your solution and get the opportunity to pitch live in front of a jury and live audience.

The three best pitches within the following categories; ‘startup’, ‘established business’ and ‘grassroot’ are each awarded with a cash prize of DKK 10,000 and an exclusive meeting with a prominent advisory and investor board to discuss your needs and further process.

3 x 10.000,-

Launch of the 360 Challenge 2019

Submit your idea

Participate in the challenge by submitting your idea no later than august 5th at 12:00 (noon). Follow the instructions below


Submit your idea before August 05 at 12:00 (noon).

Selection of the 9 best ideas

The Partners of the 360 challenge are selecting the 9 best ideas to pitch on the 10th of September

Finalists announced

The nine finalists are announced here on

Pitch event

On September 10 the nine finalists will pitch their ideas live in front of a jury and an audience at the Danish Stock Exchange. The jury will find one winner in each category.

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Can you connect the SDGs, new technology, innovation, and profitability in practice?

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) function as a compass for the world's development and represent a great opportunity for Denmark and Danish businesses to make a positive difference in the world by delivering solutions to global challenges while turning a profit.

Do you or your company have a business idea or initiative that can promote a sustainable development in or outside Denmark? Then send us your solution and participate in the competition to win the 360 Challenge 2019.

The winners operate successfully in the intersection between digitization, innovation, new business models, and the SDGs.

Every year, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Green Network, The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, and the Danish Business Authority announce the 360 Challenge to celebrate Danish change-makers from startups and established companies

Read about last year's winners Bluetown and Kaffe Bueno here.

The Prize

The winners from the categories 'startup', 'established company' and 'grassroot' are each awarded with a cash prize of DKK 10,000 and an exclusive meeting with a prominent advisory and investor board.

The three best cases from each category will be invited to pitch their ideas at the Danish Stock Exchange on September 10, 2019 in Copenhagen. All submitted nominations are made available collectively by the four organizers.


To be considered for the 360 Challenge 2019 you must describe your business idea or initiative according to the following criteria. We recommend you use these headlines in your nomination.


  1. Profitability and scalability: Your idea or initiative must have an earning potential and you must be able to demonstrate scalability, preferably with an international scope.
  2. Innovative and / or using new technology: Your solution can be based on new digital solutions or be innovative in other ways, e.g. through the business model.
  3. Focus on sustainability and impact: Your idea or initiative should be sustainable and contribute to solving one or more of the challenges that society face in relation to the SDGs.

The shortlisting will emphasize that all three criteria are included in the description.

Please also upload photos of e.g. your business idea, team, company logo etc.


Which category?

To participate in the 'startup' category you must have a Danish CVR number and the company must be under 5 years old.

To participate in the established company' category you must have a Danish CVR number and the company must be over 5 years old.

If you do not have a CVR number, you can participate in the 'grassroot' category.  

Deadline for nomination is August 05, 2019.

How to participate

Create an account with username and password and upload your nomination. It's that simple. Please send us an email if you have any problems.


The event is conducted in Danish but it's possible to nominate, pitch and participate in the Q&A with the jury in English if preferred.



The jury who chooses the 3 winners of the 360 ​​Challenge 2019 is:

Søren Stig

Ilse Jacobsen

Rasmus Stuhr

Marie Louise Gørvild








Advisory- and Investor board

The three winners are invited to an exclusive advisory- and investor meeting following the pitch event.

In the advisory- and investor board is:

Pitch & Win!

In 2017 and 2018, 360 challenge has celebrated startups and established companies that successfully work in the intersection between innovation, new technological solutions and sustainability, and contribute to the SDGs. We do that again in 2019!

As something new, in 2019 we have added the ‘grassroot’ category, which rewards a great idea that has the potential to make a difference but is not yet commercialized. We do this to put focus on all the talented young people who are passionate about making a difference.

The 3 best business ideas or initiatives in each category will pitch live in front of the audience and the jury.

The competition and award ceremony will take place on September 10, 2019 from 13-17:30 at The Danish Stock Exchange in Copenhagen.

The event will be opened with a welcome toast by Pernille Berg, head of research at The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.  

Subsequently, at keynote speech will be given by Anders Morgenthaler, film director, author and climate activist.

The three winners will be announced by Thorkil Sonne, chairman of the Council on Corporate Social Responsibility & The Global Goals

Register for the audience and see the program for the day here.

Pernille Berg

Anders Morgenthaler

Thorkil Sonne

Meet last year's winners

They are saving the world one cup at a time
The winner of the ‘startup’ category at the 360 Challenge 2018 was Kaffe Bueno

 “These guys are ticking all the right boxes. They reduce food waste, think in circular economy and create some good products. And then they have a high ambition. As they say, they want to save the world, but sometimes you have to do it one cup at a time."

- Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Christian Friis Bach

“It's great with the recognition for our hard work. Winning the 360 Challenge means that we might find the right investors so that we can continue to do what we do. We are really looking forward to continuing our work.”

- Juan Medina, Kaffe Bueno


They are focusing on Africa and India

The winner of the ‘established company’ category at the 360 Challenge 2018 was BLUETOWN 

“BLUETOWN won because they have a big, global ambition. They are truly innovative in their approach to the project, and then they are enablers of challenging the sustainability potential of other companies. At the same time, the project is powered by renewable energy, and they focus a lot on areas such as Africa and India, where there is a great first mover potential.

- Director of Development at Vækstfonden (Growth Fund), Mette Skøt

We are happy to bring our history back to Denmark. We have had great success in attracting international interest, but it has not been as easy in Denmark. This win is in many ways a blueprint on our idea. We would like to think about sustainability and the SDGs in our project. We are really proud of that!”

- Louise Kjær, BLUETOWN


Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda



Copenhagen Business Hub


Ideas for this challenge (49)

LoopZ er et salgs- og udviklingsspot for bæredygtige produkter, brands og iværksættere, hvor forbrugere kan finde alle de produkter, de har brug for - bare i en bæredygtig version og blive inspireret til mere bæredygtig livsstil.

Det overordnede mål er at tilbyde en platform, som gør det nemt for forbrugere og andre interesserenter at danne sig et overskueligt overblik over virksomheders CSR-performance.

Paragit Sleeve er verdens første wearable måleapparat til kvantificering af de tre kardinalsymptomer for Parkinson. Vores løsning er et elektronisk sammenkoblet sleeve, som parkinsonpatienter får på deres mest dominerende arm.

Vi vil skabe en platform hvor man let enkelt og overskueligt, kan dele en oversigt af sit egentværktøj og de byggemateriale man har liggende i sit værksted, skur eller sin baghave.

In the future proteins for animals and human consumption may be produced using methane thanks to Unibio's novel technology.

Vi skaber bedre vilkår for små fødevareproducenter ved at gøre vejen fra jord til bord let og tryg for dem og deres erhvervskunder. Det gør vi vha. vores online markedsplads med samlet overblik, bestilling, betaling og levering.

Klimaflisen er en skalérbar løsning til håndtering af de udfordrende klimaforandringer byen i stigende grad udsættes for. Systemet bruger byens fortove og pladser til at tilbageholde og styre de stigende regnsvandsmængder dér hvor regnen falder.

Flyrejser belaster klimaet. Voksende middelklasser på verdensplan medfører til endnu flere rejselystne, og det er et problem. Gennem vores teknologi ønsker vi at sætte fokus på at rejse lokalt, og dermed nedbringe flyrejser på verdensplan.

As the global population ages, the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases increases. nEuRGO is the sustainable, natural production of an antioxidant by yeast fermentation to delay, and potentially to prevent, the onset of neurodegenerative disease. er en online platform der automatisk matcher alle deltagere op mod registrerede partnere for at udarbejde en CSR-profil ud fra de tiltag der kan findes.

SwipBox ønsker at udvikle en bæredygtig genanvendelig transportemballage som kan recirkulere minimum 1000 gange, og dermed kraftigt reducere i mængden af engangspap og bobleplast der dagligt benyttes til at sende varer til og fra forbrugere.

GoGetty er en online social platform til den professionelle verden, a la Linkedin krydret med et Trustpilot-score element - alt sammen med fokus på diversitet og inklusion (D&I). GoGetty gør D&I i danske virksomheder målbart og transparent.

‘hoodHeroes is a platform for brand sustainability reviews.
The community empowers citizens to find companies with shared eco & social causes
– to buy from, work for & impact.
Ultimately, making everybody everyday heroes of their cared-for ‘hood.

Flacon is an early stage start-up creating a circular solution for packaging. Our aim is a sustainable and circular reuse-system for personal care containers in the hotel industry as an alternative to single-use plastics.

Sustainawear/Sustainacompany, er en virksomhed der via e-learning får brudt den store "CSR elefant" ned i små stykker og gjort den spiselig - også for SMV´erne. Der er udviklet et lavpraktisk plug-and-play koncept, lige til at gå til for alle.

Instafilm er en medieproduktionsvirksomhed, der producerer film til sociale medier. Via vores produkt 'Quickie', cykeltransport og støtteprogram skaber vi en mere bæredygtig produktion i en industri, hvor bæredygtighed og klima ofte bliver overset.

Jamiipay skaber datagrundlaget for mikrolån til verdens fattige mødre.

Vores app tillader at millioner af fattige i opsparingsgrupper kan registrere deres aktiviteter, og skabe grundlag for data-drevede lån fra banker og mikrofinansinstitutioner.

Memorix is a platform which inspire for content creation, learning and sharing. It will help anchor knowledge with proven and highly effective memo-techniques. It is engaging and easily accessible to allow everyone to create learning content

En App der hjælper med at reducerer dit personlige CO2 udslip – hver dag, år efter år – og opnår en varige adfærdsændring til reduktion af det samlede CO2 udledning i Danmark, EU, USA og Kina som står for 52% af globale udledning af drivhusgasser.

Vi har startet et bæredygtigt tøjkoncept, hvor alle produkter er fremstillet af brugt tøj. I ca. 10 måneder har vi udviklet på produktet (sideløbende med 2.g), og har denne sommer startet salg, online. Vores virksomhed er CVR-registret.

MakeImpact in an app that matches the user with the 17 UN SDGs with listed companies supporting the same goals as the user and then, via their own bank, helping them to start their impact investing journey.

SolarSack har udviklet verdens billigste vandrensningsløsning, som kun bruger solens energi til at rense vandet. Grundet produktets lave pris kan det nå ud til selv de fattigste i verden via en innovativ distribueringsmodel.

Arth aims to reduce the deforestation caused by providing firewood for cremations in India. It has developed an improved cow-dung based fuel for use in cremations thereby saving trees, reducing pollution and preventing wastage of cow-dung.

Platform der ved at koble og tilbyde fordele til en lang række aktører gør det nemmere og mere motiverende for alle at annoncere og varetage opgaver indenfor SDG.

Udvikling og produktion af verdens mest bæredygtige* protein - der tilmed er velsmagende, multi anvendelig og kan produceres til en konkurrencedygtig pris. (*: målt på C02 udledning, vand og land forbrug per gram rent protein)

Planteslagterne udvikler plantebaserede alternativer til kød som ikke lægger skjul på, at de er lavet af 100% grønt. Med smagen i fokus, gør vi det spændende, nemt og lækkert at spise plantebaseret. Helt uden soya, konserveringsmidler og e-numre.

Èn af de største miljømæssige udfordringer er E-affald. Techsave adresserer denne udfordring ét skridt længere bagud ved én af de store kilder til E-affald - væskeskadet elektronik - reduceres med op til 90%

App, der gør det nemt og sjovt at lave dine egne opskrifter udfra de plantebaserede ingredienser, du har i køleskabet. Stop madspild, spis grønt, spis ægte mad!

We are a community for sustainable upcoming designers, a place to share, grow & develop their vision for sustainable fashion industry. At the same time, customers can support women-entrepreneurs, discover & buy unique & sustainably designed clothes.

NoBriner aims to change the desalination industry by taking care of reject brine, and therefore make desalination a sustainable way to secure freshwater supplies.

Sustainor Accelerator tager virksomheders anvendelse af forretningsbaseret CSR til et nyt niveau.
Sustainor Accelerator er et online CSR univers, hvor du i dit eget tempo bliver guidet i mål med kyndig hånd baseret på best practice.

X-Ray Fashion er en multisensorisk VR oplevelse, der udforsker aspekterne af fast-fashion modeindustrien og dens indvirkning på klimaet. Denne VR oplevelse kombinere fysiske effekter med det visuelle, for at give publikum en kropslig totaloplevelse.

grums er et dansk hudplejemærke, der med afsæt i bæredygtighed, kvalitet og transparens, laver miljøvenlige hudplejeprodukter på naturlige ingredienser og genanvendt økologisk kaffegrums fra lokale kaffebarer, virksomheder og NorthSide festivalen.

ARYZE is creating Digital Cash – a true digital representation of actual cash. Using blockchain technology, we can enable global transactions of money at zero cost, while creating a programmable platform for future innovative financial solutions.

Solar4Schools is a grassroot idea developing an off-grid solar system for schools in developing countries, who are struggling with access to affordable and clean energy.

Sustainalytics is the unique name of a concept that combines both hardware and software. The hardware solution, DIAP, allows companies from the chosen industries to digitalize their production and compare all gathered data to the UN world goals.

300 million people suffer from hepatitis and 90% are not diagnosed. Our mission is to reduce this number to zero by developing a non-invasive diagnostic self-test that offers patients anonymity.

Vi har skabt en ny jobbørs for bestyrelsesposter, som skal skabe transparens i bestyrelsesrekrutteringen, så vi igen kan rekruttere på baggrund af kompetencer alene!

We provide a gamified platform to understand the world better, and in turn: build a better tomorrow. Win the World will break down barriers and be a household item in classrooms all over the world.

Viima bygger på et bæredygtigt koncept, der muliggør rengøring helt uden brug af kemikalier og kun med et minimalt forbrug af vand. Brugen af Viima skaber desuden et hygiejneniveau, som er svarende til en desinfektion.

Boliger der ikke føles som midlertidige løsninger, men som hjem! Med fokus på æstetik, komfort og ikke mindst klima er det lykkedes, at lave boliger man kan flytte på, hvis CO2-aftryk er minimalt, og som ovenikøbet fjerner den NOX der er i luften!

I Bæredygtigt Byggemarked vil vi gerne fremme upcycling og bæredygtigt byggeri. Vi bestræber os på at samle de allerbedste produkter til den miljøbevidste handyman og gør-det-selv-type til priser, hvor alle kan være med.