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VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

To participate in this challenge it is required that you are a student at VIA University College Engineering and take part in the Innovation weeks in week 5 and 6.

The potential in technology is enormous, yet not at big part of waste management – especially when it comes to public spaces. In the city of Aarhus we see a huge potential in using technology in many of our operations. We look for a more efficient way to operate, to optimize public areas, and direct traffic.

We are looking into a future with easy access to data and artificial intelligence that analyse huge datasets to see patterns, errors, or guide operations. With small chip and efficient sensors, global datasets and internet of things the potential is nearly endless.

When talking about smart solutions in public waste management, sensors monitoring garbage levels in garbage bins seem to be state of the art. But we see a much bigger potential and hope you will take the challenge and show us the opportunities in a smart public waste management system. 

There are not many restraints in your design of potential solutions – but it must be within the scheme of public waste! Either related to public waste bins and how they can be “smarter”, smarter operations or related to litter in public areas (streets, parks, nature etc). Waste from private homes and companies is not part of the challenge.

Give Aarhus your take on the future and a smart solution for waste management in public spaces.

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Ideas for this challenge (13)
The idea is to combine existing technologies to make a fully autonomous and sustainable way of collecting trash from the Aarhus canals.
A systematically drone management setup, that takes the use of drones to collect, obtain and remove waste from both overflown bins and litter.
A mobile application that makes use of the data gathered by the sensors inside the trash bins. The app will also educate and inform people about how and where to properly dispose specific waste.
Bins with 4 features(ultrasonic sensor, sound, compactor, led for pedestrians) which are connected to a centralized system which maps all trash bins and helps improve the efficiency of route planning
Connected and hygienic trash bin with predictive emptying schedule and trash sorting
Group 27 Ana-Maria Sima (293116) Audrius Sauciunas (293156) Dimitrios Antoniou (293165) Evgheni Demcenco (293120) Ion Creciun (293166) Levente Nagy (293115)
The overall idea is to create a system that consists of automated trash cans, controlled from a central cluster.