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NewGen Innovation Challenge

NewGen Innovation Challenge: Contribute to an economically sustainable healthcare system.

What if a patch could inform you about your health – even before you get ill? What if an algorithm could predict the development of diseases? And what if a home test could replace a hospital visit?

If we’re to continue providing healthcare at a world-class level, we’ll need creative and innovative solutions. Share your idea and be a part of the new generation of healthcare innovators.

NewGen Bootcamp June 9th

On June 9th Roche and The University of Southern Denmark invites all students with ideas to participate in a NewGen Bootcamp. Here you’ll get the chance to meet other student-innovators, expand and sharpen your idea, get feedback from an innovation-professional, and practice your pitch. The BootCamp takes place at The University of Southern Denmark). Sign up for the NewGen Bootcamp (transportation included) by writing [email protected] 

Our healthcare system is under pressure

With the number of elderly and chronically ill patients increasing, as well as rising costs due to technological advancements and patients expecting higher service quality, the economic resources available to healthcare system are being exhausted. Health care spending rose by 69% to 189 billion DKK between 2000 and 2017 (Danmarks Statistik, 2019). The development requires that we think of new and different solutions to help secure the future of our healthcare system.

Partnering with a series of Danish Universities, Roche challenges students from across the country to develop ideas that can contribute towards economic sustainability in our healthcare system. The solution could be anything, from an algorithm that predicts a disease, a home-testing device that can save patients time out of medical facilities, or something previously unheard of that can avert disease.

The only necessary criteria are that your solution either conserves the healthcare system’s resources, improves medical services for patients, or has a positive socio-economic impact.

Naturally, you are the owner of your idea - it is entirely yours. However, Roche will invite the best idea to visit Roche Innovation Center Denmark and will be happy to provide feedback and guidance.

Example of a sustainable idea

HealthDrone is an example of a sustainable idea. The idea is a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital. By using AI and lightning-fast internet, it enables the transport of blood tests between islands and large hospitals, which reduces transportation time from 12 hours to 45 minutes. HealthDrone thereby helps conserve resources and provides better treatment of patients and fewer hospitalizations.

As part of the NewGen Innovation Challenge you get to:

  • Contribute to the future of the economically sustainable healthcare system
  • Receive training on how to deliver a killer pitch
  • Present your idea to leading entrepreneurs in the industry and gain their input.


10.000 DKK. + besøg på Roche Innovation Center DK


Pitch training


Submit idea


Finalists are selected

Deltagere modtager pitchundervisning i Odense


Finaleevent i afholdes i København


Click here to submit your idea. Best of luck!