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Nordic Data Sandbox Challenge: Open Bookkeeping Data

If you have ever been interested in financial services, this challenge is for you!

Open data is a key source of strength in Denmark and the Nordics. With easy access to free, public data of high quality, turning use of these data into new business opportunities is at the heart of Nordic innovation. How might access to standardized bookkeeping and integration to other available data sources, such as open banking data, drive innovation?

You have been invited to participate in the Nordic Data Sandbox Challenge, where you can contribute to the solution of challenges in Denmark and the Nordics through the use of open bookkeeping data and API based integration to relevant data sources, such as open banking data and/or relevant public data sources.

If you have a great idea for how open access to standardized bookkeeping data and existing open data might be used to help unburden SMEs in their day-to-day business, look no further.

2 x 50.000 DKK
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Submitted by razakaze on October 1, 2019

Category Theory + AI for avoiding Tax fraud.

Ideas for this challenge (10)
As concern grows about climate change, attention has focused on the environmental impact of businesses. It is increasingly recognized that in order to reduce the impact of climate change businesses must reduce carbon emissions throughout their operations and supply chains. Businesses must also respond to consumer demand for sustainable products and services.
Have you ever been in a selfdriving car before? FINUX mission is to create selfdriving business for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). FINUX enables SME to focus on their core business by automating standard processes.
Enin is a Norwegian startup that uses open data and artificial intelligence to give insights into companies to help Banks and others be more efficient and intelligent in their work with them.
Blue Investment Platform (Including CO2 App daily life impact) to reduce CO2 footprint through sea-food production locally helping the 815 million people are hungry today and the additional 2 billion people expected to be undernourished by 2050.
Risika ønsker med en dybere adgang til standardiseret bogføringsdata at udvikle en banebrydende og skalerbar risiko-algoritme, der vil være i stand til fuldautomatisk at foretage nøjagtige kreditvurderinger og identifikation af svindelvirksomheder.
New methods of using GEO data in concert with information from account systems. We do invoice analysis, to help provide information of whether the invoice origin is valid or falsified. We are expanding KYC beyond the banks to the SMEs.
Let adgang og anvendelse af store mængde data er i dag vigtige faktorer for kvaliteten af arbejde. Da store mængder data bliver bearbejdet af computeren bliver der brugt mange resurser på computer adgang og behandling af disse. Hvad med mennesket?