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Certifiable Consultant

This idea is a part of The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

June 29, 2017

"The challenge is huge for consultants on the go - to be a real time bank of knowledge to help SMEs forward in the global competition. Due to the volume of information and the rate of technological change, it’s increasingly difficult for public business consultants to stay current on the latest technologies, processes,innovations as well as methods to help companies.

A place to start is maybe old fashioned but still useful. Look at the existing customers of the SME. What drives them to stay or leave the SMEs. It could be good customer service or high technical knowledge that helps the customer or simply just reliability.

And how could SMEs who seek to expand be helped both maintaining their existing customers while attracting and helping new customers or just creating leads that might lead to more customers in the long run.

A Consultant could or should fx have the knowledge of Lead:famly option - how you as a B2B provider can generate new customers by a digitalized platfomr that you as a company can self manage. Customers in production and BTB use the Lead:famly platform to create greater loyalty among dealers, installers and partners in general. The company can enable audiences through a variety of game activities and ensure the top of mind with audience. In addition, the platform is also strong to increase the permission databases and qualify the data contained therein. Danfoss and Grudfoss use the platform which is useful and not to expensive to harvest new leads. And with great succes. They get in contact with the VVS crowd. And they can sell more from leads. FX also for Wupti - The campaign led to great results and got 52,000 registrations. Furthermore, it gave a great opportunity for easy directing users into the web shop and, thereby maximize their lead generation.

As a Consultant you must have such knowledge fx because it helps your customers - the SME s a great deal.

The proposal for a solution would be the certifiable consultant as a public employee is upgraded ongoing with megatrends, new tech, tech migration, tech transfer but also old fashioned techniques that are now digitalized with social media and fx gamification..

Only by being in front with knowledge but also the old fashioned way will their be an even better hit rate,"