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'hoodHeroes - The People's Guide to a Sustainable Market

This idea is a part of 360 Challenge 2019

July 31, 2019

The zeitgeist emanates of environmental and social sustainability.
Increasingly, consumers, employees & investors demand it and companies supply it.
It is therefore also becoming clear that the grand challenges of this world can and should be solved in the marketplace.
Yet, the market still fails to connect the demand and supply for brand sustainability, optimally.
This is primarily due to a problem of finding, comparing, trusting, resonating and rewarding each other.
Missing is a hub to bridge that gap and assemble the ecosystem - conveniently, believably & worthwhile.
'hoodHeroes will be that go-to platform..!

On, citizens can check-up on, compare & contribute to the causes & SDGs of brands.
Conversely, businesses, non-profits, consultancies & public figures can partner-up to advance & showcase the sustainability of their brands.
Ultimately, our vision is to make sustainability everybody’s everyday business.

...So, come fly with the other heroes of the 'hood and let's make sustainability everybody's everyday business, together!