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The Nordic Digitisation Roster

This idea is a part of The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

July 28, 2017

"The nordic manufacturing companies need strategies for automation and digitisation, same time it’s difficult for public business consultants to stay current on the latest technologies, processes and innovations. The Nordic Digitisation Roster propose a solutions where a new generation of highly motivated and educated upcoming talent are activated and engaged in bridging new knowledge and techlogogies from the world to local/national manufacturing companies.

The Emerging Digitisation Roster is a pool of companies, talent and facilitators. Companies with a current challenge/need related to automation/digitisation. Motivated young talent who hold a masters degree, with cutting edge knowledge, and a desire of getting experience while boosting their CV. Business consultants who act as facilitators in the process, clarifying the need of the businesses, accepting the talents to the roster, take initial meetings with businesses and talent, and superwise along the way until the project are delivered to the business.


The Nordic Digitisation Roster is creating a connection between three parties, each of them with a specific challenge/need. The businesses need to innovate and develop new strategies for automation and digitisation, but haven't gotten the in-house knowledge to do so. The young talent are highly educated individuals, whom theoretically are on top of new emerging technologies and strategies, but they want to boost their CV solving real life challenges, not theoretical ones. The business consultants are challenged, hence it is impossible to stay on top of the volume of information and the rate of technological change, while at the samt time providing a solid service to the nordic manufacturing companies.


The Nordic Digitisation Roster will open in autumn 2017 and individuals from specific universities degrees (ex CBS/ITU) are invited to apply though a motivated application process with in person interviews. If accepted the individuals being a part of the roster will need to pitch in for at least 2 assignments every 6 month, or they will loose their membership.

Nordic manufacturing companies will together with the business consultants (facilitators) develop project briefs describing a current challenge they are facing. This brief will be posted online in the closed community of The Nordic Digitisation Roster. Each member are now able to read and write a short pitch to how they would engage with this challenge.

The nordic manufacturing companies will read though these pitches and pick one or two talents from the roster, whom will be hired for a fixed amount of time for engaging with this challenge. They will be payed fairly (a low consultancy rate of approx 500 DKr an hour), they will be invited to work at the company for the duration of the project, if it makes sense. And they are expected to deliver results that creates real value for the engaged parties.

Solving a very complex challenge, doesn’t need to be rocket science, in most cases its about connecting the right dots. The Nordic Digitisation Roster will do exactly that, by connecting the three parties, it will generate a win/win/win solution."