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Nordic Robotics Challenge Bank featuring RobocoastAI

This idea is a part of The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

July 30, 2017

"Robocoast is a center of excellence that is jointly managed by the business development company Prizztech Ltd and the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Robocoast combines more than a hundred companies in the robotics and automation industry, universities and colleges in the Satakunta region.

Robocoast's goal is to promote modernization of the industry and to develop new industry and service robotics solutions together with industry and universities. Robocoast's approach is to connect industry and service needs with Robocoast's network of research institutes and businesses. To make this work easier, Robocoast is implementing a Challenge Bank, where the desired skills are sought by using artificial intelligence (RobocoastAI, implemented by HeadAI Ltd.).

The challenge bank's operating principle:
1. The company writes its own robotization challenge or development perspective to the Challenge Bank. The challenge can be described in the free word field in its own words in any language.
2. RobocoastAI reads the challenge and categorizes the content of the challenge automatically as does a library informaticist for new books
3. Based on classification the RobocoastAI seeks expertise, scientific articles, news, and companies that fit the challenge
4. The company may refine the search by telling RobocoastAI whether or not he or she will primarily seek eg experts, companies or background information
5. Finally, the company may ask for help from the Robocoast network experts if RobocoastAI was unable to provide a sufficient solution.

The challenge bank process aims to help as many industry and service companies as possible to quickly and efficiently find the best skills and existing solutions. Thererfore it helps enterprise-specific modernization projects. The Challenge Bank can identify potentially robotic, artificial intelligence, and / or IoT related product ideas if the solution is not found. Robocoast's mission is to launch, together with its network, new robotic related R & D projects.

The challenge bank operates online and will be freely available to anyone (will be released next fall). RobocoastAI seeks expertise and solutions throughout the Nordic region and, if necessary, globally. As a result, it will be available to all Nordic robot operators and business development organisations once it is released in the autumn of 2017. We aim to release the Challenge Bank on the European Robotics Week 2017."