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SMS Podcast - Uptech -Keeping public business consultants up to date

This idea is a part of The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

July 16, 2017

"Daily Uptech - Keeping public business consultants up to date

Thinking about what technological innovation has done to journalism in the past two decades can be a dizzying experience. People have more data, better maps, prettier visualizations, more push notifications, faster fact-checking, and so on. Technology is a great idea.
Yet there is a unifying feature behind all of these innovations, and it has to do with the role of media and the public in a democracy.
The news media, the argument goes, must provide the rationally-minded members of the public with enough information for them to see a clear and accurate picture of the world, and then become deliberative citizens. In that regard, technology could help news reports to be more accurate, data-driven, timely, fact-checked, with rich multimedia embellishment. Information needs to be curated by the best.
Thanks to the newest technology it's now possible to send high quality podcasts via a simple link in a sms message. We have the best solution.

Downloading 10 minutes of high quality sound takes approximately not more than 1-2 seconds. Instant news.

Uptech is a SMS Podcast

We have invented a machine and a system that can change the way we are using and listening to Podcasts.
The SMS Podcast idea, is in basic, to send a Podcast stream via SMS.

Right now, the Podcast are available in Apps and on homepages. They can be difficult to find, and
downloadtime is massive. And when is the newest version of your favourite Podcast available ? You don´t know.
And how many listen to the Podcast and for how long. Witch Podcast are getting shared ? Nobody knows.

With this new invention, we are able to send a text message at a exact given time.

21693556 : - Aktiverede linket kl. 8:58 (45), 09:09 (48) og kl. 09:46 (49).
Der er tale om en iPhone med version iOS version 8.2
Første session:
08:58:29.773 starter uden at telefonen er muted
08:58:30.420 begynder vi at spille klippet
08:58:31.390 har vi streamet hele klippet til telefonen
08:58:37.973 befinder telefonen sig på Latitude=55.6842534263143 Longitude=12.574390657573316
08:59:32.900 sættes afspilningen på pause (ved position 62 sekunder)
08:59:32.943 er klippet spillet til ende (muligvis får vi pause samtidig med at vi bliver færdig)
08:59:43.723 begynder vi at spille igen.
08:59:43.723 telefonen har flyttet sig til Latitude=55.68413070630499 Longitude=12.574641737556746
09:00:02.450 afspliningen blev sat på pause.

We can link the text message to a live stream Podcast in full quality. And for the first time, we are getting al the statistics.
Who, when, where, how long, and if the Podcast is being shared. Al data is available for optimizing of workflow and more.

We are using a combination af the newest technology.
From name squeezing from bitty, sound compression and mastering with Protools/ Avid.
All send out to a HTML5 homepage with sound, that can be used on all kinds of devices.

And further more. Its possible to make to make people pay for the Podcast in multiple ways.Through a membership or via the tele service with 4 or 8 numbers.

Here is an example:

Send ”DailyUptech” til 1919 og se hvad du får tilbage.
”Send en SMS til 30 861 861 og se hvad DailyUptech har til dig.”

With the 4 digit solution the price will be around 30.000 a month, while the 8 digit version will cost around 2.500 pr. month and cost around 500 start up.

This text message gateway solution, will make it possible to receive a Podcast eg at exactly 07,30 in the morning when you are sitting in the train on the way to work. Would you like the news, or ?

All the technique is testet and working flawless. We need resources for developing the graphic side and make the data easter to read and use.

The new way of broadcasting high tech and low cost is developed by Freezone and one of Denmarks finest audio technicians Bjoern Vidoe.

As a public business consultant you need the latest news from the technology front every day but you don't have the time to search and read the daily tech news. You need hours of news boiled down to 10 minutes.

Uptech gives you the latest news from the technological revolution every morning as a link in a text message. All you do is click the link and you instantly get 10 minutes of updating in your ears for the morning run or your commute. Sometimes the best solutions are simple.

The News Studio is nothing more than 1 journalist and an app: The curating journalist and speaker in one, a smartphone and a microport microphone attached to a noise reducing piece of wall material. The Uptech journalist reads through the daily tech news from all the most important sites. Then writes a summary, records it and push send. More journalists can be added providing more fast information and the best updates. But it can be run with only one curating person.

The technology compresses the sound and sends it to the subscribers and if they click the link they get the podcast instantly and automatically pay a micro fee.

The concept is tested and works flawless. Now it only needs the broadcast-app production (investment approximately 200.000 DKK) - and journalists who wants to broadcast – and a lot of public business consultant subscribers. Then you have the best update of the day. The best way of keeping public business consultants up to date with the latest tech news."