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SOMEFANCYNAME - a community for sustainable upcoming designers

This idea is a part of 360 Challenge 2019

Assem Bektur
Assem Bektur
July 8, 2019

Danish talented Sustainable Upcoming Designers (UDs) have a hard time making a living by doing what they love the most - designing sustainable clothes for 3 main reasons:
1. Lack of Business Acumen (traffic & sales)
2. Lack of Supplier Network
3. Lack of Inv. Capital
In fact, 40 % of small fashion companies in Denmark do not survive the first years.
Solution: we are solving problems 1&2. We are giving UDs an opportunity to share & grow their vision for the sustainable fashion industry through showcasing & selling their unique design on our platform, solving their challenges through communication, inspiration, knowledge and cooperation with Sustainability Department of VIA University, as well as creation of our own Sustainable Suppliers Network in the Baltic countries.
At the same time, our end consumers lack one place, where they can discover a great variety of unique, innovative & sustainably designed clothes; clothes that have a meaning, a purpose.
Our core values are to support sustainable and unique design, women entrepreneurs & innovative platform.
Being a woman-entrepreneur in fashion tech by myself, supporting other women entrepreneurs is a core value of our company (SDG 5). Majority of our designers are women. For example, one of our UDs, empowers sit-at-home moms by giving them jobs.
We ensure Responsible Production and Consumption (SDG 12), since we are focusing on sustainable designers. Our designers are producing made-to-order, fair & ethical, unique and high-quality clothes. For example, one of our UDs, makes knits from the Danish farmers’ left-overs. We are also working on creating a Sustainability Classification for our designers on our digital platform.