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This idea is a part of VIA INO21 Challenge 3: Prevent Pollution From Channels Into Oceans

Marek Janostin
February 11, 2021

The idea is to combine existing technologies to make a fully autonomous and sustainable way of collecting trash from the Aarhus canals. That would happen by introducing in the city a bubble air barrier like the one existing already in Amsterdam. It is a perforated tube placed diagonally in the canal. Compressed air is pumped through it and the trash from 3 millimeters to 1-meter size is able to float to the surface and directed to a designated place. From that place, the trash would be collected. 


The trash that is collected by the bubble air barrier will be ‘’drained’’ from the water and put in a container as the ones for normal garbage. This way there is no need to invest in other systems to pick and transport the trash. Where the trash collects will be a platform that by lifting will make the trash slide, sift from water, and be pushed in the trash bin. 


All would be powered by a water turbine placed on the side of the channel, creating electricity from the power of the current. further amplifying it thanks to the geometrically adjusted entrance pipeline, which creates whirlpool, thus adding momentum to the liquid. one turbine can generate from 15kw to 100kw, based on the strength of the current. Moreover, the installed turbine size will be designed in a way that would not harm aquatic life inside the canal.




Our submit consists of a link to a video on youtube, which explains our idea. Next, we have a pdf file. The link will be included in here and the file will be uploaded separately as a pdf.