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Kaffe Bueno

This idea is a part of 360 Grader Prisen 2018

July 2, 2018
We recycle used coffee grounds from selected caf├ęs, hotels and offices in Copenhagen. A partner collector picks the waste and takes it to our biorefinery (first of its kind). There we extract a high value, antioxidant-rich oil that has demonstrated to excel as an ingredient in natural cosmetics. What is left (defatted coffee grounds) can be used as antioxidant dietary fibres, or coffee flour/ kaffe mel. Currently testing it to be food graded. Furthermore, our long-term plan is to separate sugars, proteins and antioxidants from the defatted grounds. Encapsulate the antioxidant extract and tap into the nutraceutical market. Then, ferment sugars and proteins to produce hyaluronic acid (high value ingredient that we can produce through this method at 70% lower costs).