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Group 14

This idea is a part of Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

February 8, 2019

Understanding of the challenge:

  • It's something that is innovative, that can improve our professions in the future.
  • It has to do with the SDG's goals.

The context we will be working in:

We have thought about working with at least three of the SDG goals. The first one is number 9, which is about industry, innovation and infrastucture. The second one is number 11, which is about sustainable cities and communities. and the third one is number 12, which is about responsible comsumption and production.

Some ideas we came up with for now:

  • Replacing the needle cap on a syringe, with another material.


Submitted by Pia Christensen on February 20, 2019

Dear you,
the goals are relevant for your idea, and there is so many possibilities to rethink, reuse, reinvent and so on in the health system!

And in order to qualify your idea, i have these reflections, you might want to consider:

To whom may your idea have desirability?
To the society - the planet or?

Is it possible for you to proceed with your idea, or to establish possibilities in cooperation? With who?

How much will it cost, and what do you want to achieve with your idea?

Interprofessionel cooperation:
How does your idea include your professions different perspectives?

Good luck,