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Green for the Eye, Green for the Mind

This idea is a part of Bygrønt Horsens - Sustainable Retail

April 11, 2019

We all must “do it” from time to time. You know… “powder our noses”… “answer natures calling”… or just said the old fashion way: "use the restroom".
And truth be spoken the toilet encounter can be a heavier marker on an individual’s overall experience of a given place.

This too is true for ByTorv Horsens where we both in their own survey and comments on Facebook found quite an assortment of negative reactions towards that part of the mall, which in turn seemed to fuel their rather unfavorable views on the center.

Therefore, we have set out to give the restrooms of ByTorv Horsens a makeover in a way, that will have the malls visitors wanting to visit the restroom area. The transformation will revolve around circular economy, sustainability and the prospect of incorporating the following FN SDG’s; 4, 11 and 12.