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VIA University College

Do you want help from students to solve your challenge?

VIA University College would like to invite you and your organization to collaborate with our students on one of your daily challenges.

A challenge starts with you, as an organization, identifying a challenge, reaching out to a coordinator from VIA University College, and jointly we put together the process of the course. We are always open to take a noncommittal talk with you on which different options there are.

In a challenge-collaboration we will facilitate the process and make sure our students will work on your challenges in relevant areas of VIA University College.

It will give you an opportunity to showcase yourself to our students and involve them in solving your challenges.

Since it is beneficial for both parties, there are no expenses related to the collaboration, other than the time we all invest in it.


To be more precise a challenge-collaboration brings practice into education and education out in practice.

VIA has great experience working with challenges and has worked with challenge-based idea generation and innovation since 2014.

Together with partners from both the public and private sector, we have held challenges about welfare, health and education as well as sustainability, circular economy and business- and product development.

VIA University College

VIA University College is one of Denmark’s six University Colleges - University Colleges provide most of the country’s medium long higher education. VIA has a long range of education programmes within welfare and business, with nearly 20.000 students.


Contact us at [email protected] if you want to know more about how you can get started with your challenge in VIA.