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How to get started

What is

A challenge is a method where you:

> Identify a problem
> Publish it
> Receive ideas
> Reward the best

In that sense, a challenge is a kind of competition that can be used to see a specific challenge in a whole new light. By opening up for a wide range of ideas, the final product, concept or solution is often improved.

You can post your challenge here on It’s free, as long as the challenge lives up to a few criteria. For one, it can’t be a commercial challenge.

Why use a challenge?

The best ideas are often found in unexpected places. There are examples of challenges that have created entirely new markets, new solutions to social problems, and set the course for groundbreaking technology.

A challenge is also a great tool for creating attention around a topic and exposure of the organizer as well as the participants.

We are here to help

When you are ready to start working on your challenge, we can provide you with templates and guidance.  

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