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Why you should join

Plenty of reasons

There are plenty of reasons why you should participate in a challenge. Regardless of whether you are a student, represent an established company, an SME or a startup, are an entrepreneur or just an inspired individual, you can participate in a challenge. Together we can solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Why me?

Every challenge is different, and thus there are different reasons for participating.

Some participants think that it is a great opportunity of working with a specific challenge from the real world. When you participate in a challenge, your idea will be evaluated in an entirely new way, and you are part of creating new solutions or possibly an entirely new market.

At the same time, participating in a challenge can create a lot of attention from the media. It might be the push your idea needs to shine just right, and attract potential investors, experts, public buyers, partners and industry people.

You get the opportunity of pitching your idea, receive valuable inputs and join tailormade workshops, business development courses and cool events.

There’s often also a prize at stake, in terms of either an award, money or exclusive mentorships.

What are you waiting for?

In short, we are giving you the opportunity of launching your idea and take part in solving some of the biggest challenges of our time. So what are you waiting for?

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On we solve some of the biggest challenges of our time. And you can be a part of it. Click the link to sign up.

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